Quick Airport Transfers

1. Price for the Journey

Our prices are fixed and price calculation is based on shortest route instead of fastest route. The ride booked on a fixed price must not deviate from the driver chosen route any deviation requested by the passenger will result in the change of fare decided by www.ahairporttaxi.co.uk. We usually charge £2 per extra mile.

2. Luggage

1 Medium Size suitcase (Checked Luggage). Height + Width should not exceed 158cm or 62 inch and weight 23kg or 50lb. 1 hand luggage 56cm in height, 45cm in width and 25cm in diameter approximately 22 x 17.5 x 9.85 inches per person, any luggage except the mentioned cannot be accommodated and is solely responsibility of the passenger.

3. Driver Right

There are certain conditions where driver has full right to refuse the passenger, when driver feels that the passenger is a threat to him/herself or the vehicle.

4. Change of Plans

If there are any change of plans i.e. your flight cancelled, delayed or rescheduled, it is your responsibility to inform the office so that we can change your booking details. Any deviation in pickup and drop-off location will result in change of fare depending on the locations of your choice.

5. Cancellations

If a booking is cancelled less than 12 hours prior to the schedule pick-up time, there will be a cancellation fee applied, which depends on the time we were informed…

  • Between 12 and 6 hours before pick-up time = 50% of journey price
  • Between 6 hours and up to the pick-up time = 97% of journey price
  • Refund for the booking is not applicable if the passenger is uncontactable at the time of pickup.
  • No refund will be made if driver is dispatched or already on route for pickup.

All the cancellations must be made over the phone or by replying to reservation confirmation emaill.

5.1 Change in Pickup Time

If a booking is made and a change in pickup time is required less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time. It must be made over the phone and we reserve a right to reject the change or cancel the booking no refunds for such bookings are applicable. However we do try our level best to accommodate the changes in pickup time near to the scheduled pickup time but all our drivers are assigned pre-booked connected jobs. It is not possible to entertain all the requests for change in time at the last minute.

6. Communication

It is very important to keep your phone switched on as it is the sole medium of communication for your pickup in such cases you are not contactable you will still be charged for the journey fare. Always keep our office number while you are travelling.

7. Locate the Driver

Normally we get in touch with all our passengers at the time of pickup and help them locating the driver. Drivers can be easily located the pickup and drop-off zones at the airport and our drivers do communicate with the passengers and let them know where you need to come for pickup at the airport.

8. Fouling

Any fouling of the Private Hire Vehicle by any passenger will result in a charge of a minimum of £30.00 dependent upon the severity of the fouling.

9. Requested Vehicle

We try our level best to provide you with the vehicle you requested but sometimes you may get a bigger vehicle, depending on the situation and availability of the vehicles.

10. Flight Delays

Our Company policy is to accommodate flight delays up to 1 hour while still we do try our best to facilitate our customers. We reserve the right to cancel the booking after the specified time as mentioned above. In case of cancellation we refund the full amount of the booking on the same card which was used to pay for the journey. We take no responsibility for any kind of compensation nor will we pay any additional charges you may incur due to cancellation or arranging alternate transport.

11. Waiting Time

We provide an additional 30 minutes free waiting time after the scheduled pickup time once a flight is landed (Free waiting time is only applicable on pickups from the airport). After this we charge £10 per 30 minutes. In addition to this if a customer is ready before its scheduled pickup time we cannot guarantee an early pickup your pickup will be according to your scheduled pickup time you already have chosen while making the booking. However we will try to pick you as early as possible if your already assigned driver is available.

12. Child Seat

We provide a Free Child Seat if requested by the customer. We try our best to provide the child seat but we can not guarantee a child seat for suitability and availability for your journey.

Refund Policy

We at Quick Airport Transfers provide a pre-booked taxi service and we pre allocate every booking to a driver in advance, for our customers to have the best experience possible. We don’t have a system where the booking is handled by the customer themselves or by a computer, we have fully trained controlling staff and customer support centers where our staff make sure that our customers are receiving the best experience whilst travelling with us as we know every passenger has different needs such as needing help with luggage, traveling with children, elderly or disabled passengers, customers needing child seats etc. Our committed controlling staff are well trained, making sure that all customer requirements are getting full filled.

However, in circumstances where a booking needs to be canceled in a short notice it can sometimes be very difficult to handle the situation with the driver who suffers the most, due to waste of fuel, time, parking charges, etc. However, our team will try their best to assist you.

  • No refund will be made if the driver is dispatched or already on route for pickup.
  • Refund will not be given if the passenger is uncontactable at the pick-up time.
  • No refund will be given if the passenger does not show up for a pre-paid journey.
  • No refund will be made for a cancellation made 3 hours before scheduled pick-up time.
  • 50% of the journey price will be refunded for cancellations between 12 and 6 hours before pick-up time.
  • 97% of the journey price will be refunded for cancellations made more than 6 hours before pick-up time.

If there is an event that requires a refund of payment by Quick Airport Transfers, we will make the refund back to the card, be it a credit or debit card from which the payment was made. A bank fee of Minimum £5 will be applicable on the refundable booking it may be different depending on booking amount.

The refund can take between 3-5 working days from when the refund has been processed by our team depending on how long your bank takes to process it. In order to try and avoid being un-reachable at pick up time, please make sure to include the passenger travelling contact details and not the person who is booking on behalf of them.


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